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April 22 sees the release of ‘Everything must Go’ – the third track from ‘Still Life With Machine Gun’ the fourth album released by My Glass World before Xmas 2021. It was one of the albums of the year on French radio station Le Village Pop and widely praised.

Everything Must Go was made featured track of the week and the year on French radio station ‘Le Village Pop’ The remixed track is being released on April 25 on Spotify and Apple iTunes.

The band are Scottish songwriter Jamie Telford with accomplice studio guru and session player Sean Read. A host of friends join them all of whom have played with everyone under the sun. Obviously some people have missed out on their contributions.

Jamie wrote and recorded basic songs in his home studio in Scotland, and finished them off with Sean in his Famous Times studio in Hackney. Drums on “Still life” are either played by Stephen Gilchrist or Martin Kaine. Little Barrie plays extraneous guitar and Jon Kensington plays his thoroughbred bass lines. Violin and viola are provided by Peter Salem. The title, and some inspiration for the record itself, are drawn from an admiration of work of American / Vietnamese poet and writer Ocean Vuong, in particular his book Night Sky with Exit Wounds. 

The album’s title Still Life with Machine Gun is an ironic title for a lyrically ironic album that takes a swipe at a few sacred cows. Jamie says, “Overall, I was trying to write fresher more up-tempo material. I’d exhausted some of the standard piano playing singer – songwriter tropes I had employed previously, so for ‘Still Life with Machine Gun’ having a great bunch of musicians around me, and with time on my hands thanks to Lockdown, meant that with Sean’s help, I could focus the sound without any pressure, and hone the material in a way I had not been able to before.

“A great “classic” album” says Le Village Pop.

R2 ****

Exceeding expectations it rises to the challenge and sets the bar extremely high for future releases and renders Still Life With Machine Gun an intriguing listen. This album is the musical equivalent to the yin and yang; it’s fire and ice and captures both the calm and chaotic nature of life.

Decibel Report

It’s worth arming yourself with this astute album.

Get Ready to Rock

It’s a move up from 2018′s Prisoner of Gravity, which we said was an album “of rare depth and quality”. As is Still Life With Machine Gun, only more so. To depth has been added width. Having now exposed his undeniable song craft to outside influences, Telford might just have found the right combination.

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