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New album release

September 23 sees the release of ‘Tree. Shadow. Piano’

The band are Scottish songwriter Jamie Telford with accomplice studio guru and session player Sean Read. A host of friends join them all of whom have played with everyone under the sun.

Jamie wrote and recorded basic songs in his home studio in Scotland, and finished them off with Sean in his Famous Times studio in Hackney. Drums on “Still life” are either played by Stephen Gilchrist or Martin Kaine. Little Barrie plays extraneous guitar and Jon Kensington plays his thoroughbred bass lines. Violin and viola are provided by Peter Salem.

Single release 30 September
‘I’m Moving to A New Town’

Upcoming gig
12 November 7.30pm
My Glass World
Amy Hill support
Buccleuch Centre
Langholm, Scotland

For tickets:
013873 81196